Compulsory Treatment and Rehabilitation in East and Southeast Asia

Consisting of three booklets, this report documents progress and case examples pertaining to the transition from compulsory facilities for people who use drugs towards voluntary community-based treatment and complementary health, harm reduction and social support services in Asia-Pacific.

This report is a compilation of data provided or published by countries in the region on their national situation relating to compulsory drug treatment and rehabilitation. It also serves as a mechanism for monitoring progress towards meeting commitments agreed by countries in 2015 in Manila to phase out compulsory treatment and rehabilitation and to scale up the implementation of voluntary community-based treatment and services.

Download the booklets

Booklet 1 – Executive Summary

Booklet 2 – Regional overview of compulsory drug treatment and rehabilitation in East and Southeast Asia

Booklet 3 – Voluntary community-based alternatives: Discussion Paper of the UNAIDS–UNODC Asia–Pacific Expert Advisory Group on Compulsory Facilities for People Who Use Drugs

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