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Universal health coverage is guided by the principle that individuals and communities receive the services they need, including essential good-quality health services, without suffering financing hardship. The establishment or expansion of government-sponsored health insurance is often promoted as the main vehicle to finance universal health coverage. For people living with or at risk of HIV, universal health coverage is considered a health-for-all solution for countries to integrate all HIV services, including prevention.

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Snapshots of the HIV epidemic in Asia and the Pacific. This interactive report contains strategic information with links to videos and web pages and colourful infographics.

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How do we close the gap between the people moving forward and the people being left behind? This was the question we set out to answer in the UNAIDS Gap report. Similar to the Global report, the goal of the Gap report is to provide the best possible data, but, in addition, to give information and analysis on the people being left behind.

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This report provides an overview of the epidemic and the response in Asia and the Pacific as well as focuses on critical progress and challenges in the achievement of the 10 targets, towards getting Asia and the Pacific to zero new infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS deaths. The report draws primarily on sources listed on the first page of this publication.

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