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#CloseToOpen is a campaign which promotes strengthened community action around HIV testing and treatment in Asia and the Pacific. The campaign is all about turning a possible setback into a step forward and is inspired by the famous adage “when one door closes, another one opens.”

It is important for everyone to know their HIV status, but many people avoid having an HIV test. Only when individuals knows their HIV status can they access antiretroviral medicine (ARVs). It is important to get on treatment, as quickly as possible because this keeps people healthy and also prevents the transmission of HIV to sexual partners.

Often key populations including gay men and other men who have sex with men, transgender people, sex workers, people who inject drugs, prisoners and migrants are unable or unwilling to take the necessary measures because of many challenges: fear of discrimination, self-stigma, lack of knowledge, unavailability of services and discriminatory treatment by health workers. That’s where community action can lead to transformative change.

#CloseToOpen aims to help people find the strength and confidence to access HIV testing and treatment as well as stand
up to stigma and discrimination. It strives to close the existing gaps and open new avenues to health, happiness and quality of life.

GroupThe campaign which starts on 18 November and ends on 10 December, includes many key dates:  Transgender Day of Remembrance (20 November), International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25 November), World AIDS Day (1 December ) and Human Rights Day (10 December).

Here’s how YOU can help spread awareness and get more people talking about this initiative during the campaign which starts on 19 November and ends on 11 December:

  1. Complete the sentence: “Close _______ and open _____ to strengthen community action around HIV testing & treatment.”
  2. With a friend or individually, click a photo holding two placards that contain the “Close ______” and “Open ______” text respectively.
  3. Post the photo to one or more of your social media profiles using the hashtag #CloseToOpen
  4. Tag UNAIDS Asia Pacific on Facebook or @UNAIDS_AP on Twitter in your post.
  1. Share this campaign with others in your social media networks.

Best entries will be featured on the UNAIDS Asia Pacific Social media pages and your suggestions will be used in consolidating the AIDS response in the Asia and Pacific.

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Here are some ways in which we can #CloseToOpen:

  • Close the window of uncertainty. Open your mind to HIV testing
  • Close the element of risk. Open your eyes to your HIV status.
  • Close the gap between yourself and a healthy life. Open up to a life of possibilities.
  • Close the door in the face of discrimination. Open your arms to others in the community.

The campaign also recognizes and celebrates people who are already leading by example and getting tested, undergoing treatment and bringing change within their communities.


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