#LoveWithoutLabels campaign

#LoveWithoutLabels is a campaign that recognizes and celebrates everyone’s right to choose their sexual identity and partners. Stigma and discrimination continue to affect many people who identify themselves outside of the gender binary. As a result, they are apprehensive, unsure and, at times, afraid to express themselves freely and show emotional and physical affection towards their partners. This stigma also leads to many people keeping their sexual and gender identities a secret and avoiding testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases including HIV.

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This year, on the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, UNAIDS Asia and the Pacific, together with Youth LEAD and Youth Voices Count, reminds everyone that love is love, free of identities. Through this campaign, we’ll be sharing photos, personal experiences and stories of people who rose above stigma and discrimination to love those whom they wanted – without worrying about labels.
We invite all of you, including LGBTI partners, friends and families of LGBTI community, and individuals who support a world free from discrimination and stigma. Support #LoveWithoutLabels! Our campaign runs until 31 May. Send in your photos and quotes to us: UNAIDS_AP
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