Asia and the Pacific Data Hub launches the new “Data Dashboard” to promote data use and Fast-Track the AIDS response in the region


Asia and the Pacific Data Hub launches the new “Data Dashboard” to promote data use and Fast-Track the AIDS response in the region

Bangkok, Thailand, 31/10/18: UNAIDS Asia and the Pacific Data Hub launched yesterday the “Data Dashboard” for Asia and the Pacific, an additional data visualization tool that enhances the array of strategic information products that are already available on the AIDS Data Hub website. The platform is developed as part of the “Regional Strategic Information Hubs” initiative by UNAIDS that aims to facilitate the dissemination of data products tailored to the region and the local audience. The new platform allows the users to visualize data and indicators related to HIV epidemiology and the response in the region through customizable maps, graphs, tables and factsheets by indicator, country, and key populations, facilitating integrated analysis, strategic intelligence and access to granular data.

Accurate and credible data on the HIV epidemic are the cornerstone of the AIDS response. Over the years, a detailed understanding of the HIV epidemic has built through the collection, analysis and dissemination of data, helping programmes to reach the right people in the right place and at the right time. Having high-quality data on the AIDS response coupled with cutting edge analysis by the Data Hub has been inspirational for the countries to track the progress towards Fast-Track and Ending AIDS targets.

“With concrete targets to be met on the way to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030, it is vital to have the right data tracking whether Asia and the Pacific is on course to meet the commitments made in the 2016 United Nations Political Declaration on Ending AIDS. Data shows us how far we have come and how far we have to go,” says Eamonn Murphy, UNAIDS Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific.

UNAIDS Asia Pacific Data Hub is not only the largest HIV data repository in the region but also the trendsetter in strategic information generation and use. UNAIDS Asia Pacific and the Data Hub work with all countries in the region to collect and analyse data on their AIDS responses and to help build the capacity to generate and use strategic information. “Data tells the story of the past, current and future. Without data, we are blind, and we would have to make our decisions by betting on the luck of our guess and speculations. UNAIDS Data Hub is helping us finding our way to ending AIDS,” comments Dr Anita Suleiman, Head of HIV/STI/Hepatitis C Sector, Disease Control Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia.

In the region, no major report, speech or policy initiative on HIV is launched or made without referring to data collected and released by UNAIDS. “The Data Hub is a timely resource with reliable and timely data that meet our needs. At UNICEF, we have relied on the Data Hub for both country and regional data,” says Shirley Mark Prabhu, Regional EMTCT, Adolescent Health and HIV Specialist, UNICEF East and Pacific Regional Office, Bangkok.

UNAIDS Data Hub in Asia and the Pacific is tri faceted model – the website; data repository;  technical assistance and capacity building. The Data Hub team has been working closely with community particularly on the strengthening capacity of young community members on data literacy, data interpretation and use. “Research and data, coupled with the lived experience of our community, provide the evidence we need for an effective response to HIV. UNAIDS Data Hub is an essential tool for helping community-based HIV workers across the Asia Pacific region access relevant research and data to amplify their advocacy for better services, more funding, and the scaling up of programming. Other stakeholders such as government and development agencies can also use the information to respond better to the needs of our communities in local contexts to ensure resources are maximized,” explains Midnight Poonkasetwattana, APCOM Executive Director.

UNAIDS Data Hub serves as a one-stop shop that offers HIV related strategic information, data analysis products, reference documents and responds specifically to regional strategic information needs of key stakeholders, country and regional partners and civil society through the Data Hub web portal and direct technical and data analysis support. The new dashboard contains the highlights of the very latest data on HIV, reflection of a small part of the huge volume of data collected, analyzed and synthesized by UNAIDS. The dashboard is available on an interactive website:


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