UNAIDS AP publishes new report – Key Populations are Being Left Behind in Universal Health Coverage: Landscape Review of Health Insurance Schemes in the Asia-Pacific Region

Bangkok, Thailand, 29 May 2022 – UNAIDS Asia Pacific releases a new report, showing that key populations are being left behind in universal health coverage with a landscape review of health insurance schemes in the Asia-Pacific region.

Universal health coverage is guided by the principle that individuals and communities receive the services they need, including essential good-quality health services, without suffering financing hardship. The establishment or expansion of government-sponsored health insurance is often promoted as the main vehicle to finance universal health coverage. For people living with HIV and people from key populations (sex workers, gay men and other men who have sex with men, transgender people, people who inject drugs, people in prison) living with or at risk of HIV, universal health coverage is considered a health-for-all solution for countries to integrate all HIV services, including prevention.

This report examines three key objectives to understand how well existing health insurance schemes are working for key populations in the region:

  • Health insurance coverage and access to health insurance for people from key populations.
  • Types of services covered in health insurance, including prevention services for people from key populations.
  • Mechanisms adopted for maximum service coverage for people from key populations.

Download the report

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