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The High-Level Meeting (HLM) on HIV and AIDS will take place between 8 and 10 June 2021. The HLM will review the progress made in reducing the impact of HIV since the last United Nations General Assembly High-Level Meeting on HIV and AIDS in 2016 and is expected to adopt a new political declaration to guide the future direction of the response. The HLM and the accompanying political declaration will provide a critical opportunity to review progress towards the 2016 targets and political declaration, endorse new 2025 targets to ensure accountability and keep the world on track to ending the AIDS epidemic as a public health threat, and come with an agreement on a new Political Declaration for the next five years of the HIV response to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030. The proposed new Political Declaration will be informed by the new Global AIDS Strategy 2021–2026. Regions and countries will play an essential role in developing regional priorities to underpin and feed into the declaration’s consultative and negotiation phases. The participation of the communities and organisations of people living with HIV, key populations and other vulnerable populations will be fundamental for the success of the HLM.

What will the campaign focus on?

The campaign provides an opportunity for all key actors, governments, donors, stakeholders, civil society, academics and influencers to make their voices heard in the lead up to the HLM on the needs and priorities of the HIV response in Asia and the Pacific. The campaign will capture different stakeholders’ views on the key issues that should be prioritised for inclusion in the new Political Declaration.

The objectives of the campaign are:
» To meaningfully engage partners and stakeholders in the HIV response from Asia and the Pacific in the lead up to the HLM and make their voices heard on the issues to be prioritized for inclusion in the new Political Declaration;
» To highlight different expectations of the HLM and the road we must take to end AIDS;
» To build momentum in the weeks leading up to the HLM using social media to generate buzz and attention.

Call to Action

We encourage our partners to send us an email with 1) a quote and 2) a photograph/selfie or team/group photo or 3) a video message no longer than 30 seconds.

In the email, you could provide a quote reflecting on your expectations and perspectives on the HLM using the following guided questions:

1. What are your expectations for the HLM?

2. What issues are most important to you, and what needs to be reflected in the Political Declaration?

3. How will the HLM and the Political Declaration contribute to ending AIDS by 2030?

Group photo – Organizations, networks, community groups are allowed to submit team photos. We recognise the importance of teamwork, unity and shared beliefs and want to showcase this growing movement.

Individual photo – We also encourage individual people to send a selfie/photo. Email your quotes and photos to Edward and Michela at by 28th April 2021.

With the photos and quotes/answers, UNAIDS AP will design social media postcards following UNAIDS branding. We will add the hashtag #HLM2021AP and the social media handles of your organisation/network. We will send the finalised postcard to you before publishing it on social media. The campaign will roll out from April to June 2021.

Download the brochure
Download the poster
Download the DID YOU KNOW postcards
Download the campaign postcards

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