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New law bans discrimination against people living with and affected by HIV in India NEW DELHI, 11 April 2017—UNAIDS welcomes a new law passed by the Indian Parliament providing strong legal protection against HIV-related discrimination.

Ayushi Tripathi is a student at Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi, a city in India’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh. She explains that she comes from a family where talking about sex is taboo. “We never talk about it at home. Even seeing an advertisement about condoms is uncomfortable for my parents,” she said. But nonetheless, she was intent on attending a youth health workshop. This week, she joined 27 other students… Read More

Veena has been living with HIV for more than 15 years and works as a community educator in Bangalore, India. But she still remembers the day she learned of her HIV-positive status.

Sharmila Nair designs and retails saris online. The literature graduate did not know much about the transgender community, but inspired by the Kerala Government in India’s zero discrimination policy towards transgender people, Sharmila decided to launch a collection of saris dedicated to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community with transgender women as models. UNAIDS spoke to Sharmila about how fashion can promote social change. (The views and opinions expressed in… Read More

Daina from India is a young transgender woman, who is a first year Bachelor of Information Science student. Only 20-years-old, Daina has experienced, poverty, discrimination, sex-work and abuse, but today Daina stands strong. During a workshop organized by Youth Voices Count in Bangkok, Thailand, UNAIDS spoke to Daina about her struggles, how she overcame them and where she is today. (The views and opinions expressed in interviews or commentaries are those of… Read More

Photograph caption: From left to right, Manik Prabhu, Michel Sidibé, Executive Director of UNAIDS, Elvis Joseph, Coach  and Babu Seenappa in Geneva, Switzerland on 30 June 2015. Two exceptional teenagers from Karnataka, India have participated in the 2015 International Children’s Games in Alkmaar, Netherlands. Babu Seenappa and Manik Prabhu were born with HIV. They overcame difficult childhoods to rise to the pinnacle of children’s athletics and participate in the prestigious Games accredited… Read More

The man known as Geng Le, who launched Blued, the world’s largest gay dating smartphone application, was a respected police officer in China almost 20 years before he left the force in 2009 after fellow officers objected to working with him because of his sexual orientation.

Good evening, everyone! Namaste. What a dynamic gathering. As Secretary-General, I have been receiving a lot of attention, a lot of people [noticed] wherever I went but this evening seems to be an exception; I am the least-known, least important person sitting among these bright stars. They are shining a lot of lights. I have been completely overshadowed! That is why I came first [on the programme]: to show myself.