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NADI, April 28, 2023—This week Pacific Heads of Health were encouraged to jointly address the region’s growing HIV vulnerability through investments in proven prevention, testing, treatment and care approaches. Health Ministry senior advisers learned of rising AIDS-related deaths across the region, along with increasing new infections in Fiji and Papua New Guinea which put the entire Pacific at risk. The challenge calls for bold and coordinated action to scale up prevention for… Read More

 BANGKOK, April 7, 2023—Country teams and community networks tackling rising HIV infections in four Asia Pacific countries are discussing innovative strategies and solutions to explore how they can accelerate progress and achieve sustainable results. The Indo Pacific HIV Prevention Program aims to lower new infections and address inequalities that are slowing progress toward ending AIDS in Cambodia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. On April 6 and 7, UNAIDS is supporting the… Read More

The Kokoda trail winds through the Owen Stanley Range in Papua New Guinea and is billed as one of the world’s most challenging treks. Nearly 100 km long, the track goes through rugged mountainous terrain and hikers are buffeted by hot and humid days followed by intensely cold nights. Carol Habin is a member of the national organization of people living with HIV in Papua New Guinea, called Igat Hope Inc., and… Read More

A satellite event on 21 July at the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia, explored how public–private partnerships are leveraged in the response to HIV in Papua New Guinea. The event highlighted in particular the role of the private sector in building innovative partnerships that form the foundation for successful public health interventions.

Papua New Guinea has the highest prevalence of HIV in Oceania (0.5% in 2012) and is experiencing an epidemic concentrated in key population groups and in certain geographical locations. During an official visit to the country, UNAIDS Deputy Executive Director Jan Beagle met with a variety of stakeholders—including representatives of the government, parliamentarians, development partners, civil society, the private sector and faith-based organizations—which were opportunities to highlight that one of the strengths… Read More

Papua New Guinea: communities at the centre of the AIDS response

The communities most affected by HIV have always been at the forefront of the response to the epidemic, mobilizing and inspiring others to act. In her official visit to Papua New Guinea, taking place during the last week of May, UNAIDS Deputy Executive Director Jan Beagle witnessed how community leadership is making a difference for people living with HIV in the country.