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UNAIDS is concerned that media reports which make reference to HIV research in the Philippines are being interpreted as saying that there is a new and untreatable strain of the virus in the country.  There is no new strain of HIV which has been found in the Philippines. The variants of the virus found in the Philippines have not changed and are similar to the strains of the virus found in many… Read More

The Philippines has the fast-growing HIV epidemic in Asia and the Pacific. Mae (not her real name) is a 13-year-old girl from Valenzuela City who was born with HIV. She is currently a student and recently started her first year of high-school. UNAIDS spoke to her about her experience.

Asia is facing an unprecedented HIV epidemic among gay men and community health advocates are looking for innovative solutions on how to stop the virus from spreading. Chris Lagman is one of the founding members of LoveYourself, which is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) community organization based in the Philippines. He is also the co-primary investigator of the PrEP Pilipinas project, which will officially introduce PrEP in the Philippines by 2017.

(The views and opinions expressed in interviews or commentaries are those of the interviewees and contributors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of UNAIDS) 31 March is International Day of Transgender Visibility, which celebrates the achievements of transgender people as well as raises awareness of the discrimination and challenges the community can face. Employment is an area where there is often discrimination, but there are increasing openings for… Read More

Renato Nocos is a hair stylist from the Philippines and he has a message for employers, “The best way to treat people living with HIV is with respect. Educate yourself about HIV and show your support.”

Chloe S. Reynaldo is now 17 years-old. Since she was 15 years-old the honour student from the Philippines has been using her talent for public speaking to inform her peers about adolescent sexual and reproductive health. Among the topics that she discusses while speaking at various high schools in Aklan province are sexually transmitted infections, HIV and other issues relating to young people. She considers that her advocacy is not limited to… Read More

A young man wearing a striped red T-shirt and faded blue jeans enters a popular bar in downtown Quezon City, the Philippines. He starts speaking to the owner and is soon joined by several other young men. It’s 10 p.m. and the group blends in seamlessly with the other bar customers. The young men are not here to relax, though. They are peer educators and health workers employed by Quezon City’s health… Read More

The Thai Red Cross Anonymous Clinic (TRCAC) sits nestled back from a busy street in Bangkok, Thailand. This globally renowned institution is a familiar place for Jonas Bagas, who visits the leafy compound regularly. Jonas lives in Manila in the Philippines but he comes here because he is taking oral pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP, which for the moment in Asia is only available at TRCAC. In other countries, people taking part in… Read More